"OH MRS PORTER" - set for the Music Hall


Mrs Porter's Ensemble Plus! Chas Marshall, Roy Hardacre, Nigel Swan,
Heather Hazell, Jan Porter

Mrs Porter's Events, 2015-2016


MAY 21: French Traditional Music Session at The Grove, Leeds
MAY 22: The Polka Dots Ceilidh at York University
MAY 26: Leeds Contra, Headingley, Jan calling
MAY 29: The Polka Dots, Wedding, Copgrove
JUNE 12: Mrs Porter’s Pocket Music Hall, 7 Arts, Chapel Allerton
JUN 19: The Polka Dots at Grewelthorpe Country Dance Club
JUN 20: The Polka Dots at Epworth Music Day and evening concert
JULY 3: Mrs Porter & Mr Swan, Grewelthorpe Dance rec music
JULY 4: The Polka Dots, American HoeDown, Fulford
JULY 23: Mrs Porters Pocket Music Hall, Aldersgate Church
AUG 29: The Polka Dots  Wedding Ceilidh, Sharow
SEPT 20: Mrs Porter’s Ensemble,7 Arts, Chapel Allerton, Leeds
OCT 29: Mrs Porter’s Ensemble, Knaresborough Folk Dance Club
NOV 15: Mrs Porters Ensemble at 7 Arts

MARCH 3: Mrs Porter’s Ensemble, Knaresborough FDC
MAY 14: Mrs Porter's Ensemble, Day of Dance, Evening Ceilidh
MAY 26: Mrs Porter’s Ensemble  Knaresborough FDC
OCT: Mrs Porter's Family Ceilidh, Day of Dance   


French Traditional Music
French traditional music session at The Grove Leeds

Polka Dots
The Polka Dots: Jan Porter, Roy Hardacre, Nigel Swan



Held third Thursday of every month from 8pm; all welcome. To book French Music / Dances for events contact Jan on 07939 032224 or email jntprtr@aol.com


Hello everyone! I've enjoyed organising and calling for Ceilidhs for many years. As part of a number of different line-ups we perform many different styles including Music Hall presentations and Country and Barn Dances around Leeds, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Mrs Porter's Ensemble is a country dance band, which emphasises English tunes (with a soupcon of Francais) with traditional and old time dances, often with Music Hall tunes and songs!

The Polka Dots has a good mixed repetoire, including English, French, American, Scottish and Irish tunes and have run Ceilidhs for parties and dance clubs for many years.

Mrs Porter's Ensemble: Jan Porter, Heather Hazell and Nigel Swan

Song and Barn Dance Band, Leeds

Jan organises traditional ceilidhs and barn dances for weddings and parties for all ages, including children and older people. "The Polka Dots" includes Roy Hardacre on melodeon, Nigel Swan on keyboard, guitar and banjo and Jan as dance caller and on clarinet and recorder. They are sometimes joined by other musicians to form a four or five piece band. Dances are often themed ie Scottish, Irish or American Hoedown.


YOUNG DANCERS enjoy The Polka Dots at a birthday ceilidh
Family Ceilidh
Mrs Porter's Family Ceilidh Band: John, Marina, Nigel, Jan, Heather, Roy

"THE POLKA DOTS" run a themed ceilidh dance for fairies
JAN TEACHES young dancers the Tell Me Ma Line Dance

"YORKSHIRE GOLD" in Music Hall mood

THE "YORKSHIRE GOLD" band, formed specifically to run themed dances, includes Heather Hazell on melodeon, Nigel Swan on guitar and keyboard, Chas Marshall on concertina and Jan Porter dance caller and clarinet.
Dances have included "Dance for England and St George", "A Victorian Ball for the Lower Classes" and "May We Dance", all held at Stainbeck Community Hall, Leeds. "Yorkshire Gold" events include traditional English country dancing with songs and verses from the Folk and Music Hall eras.

"YORKSHIRE GOLD" sparkles for St George

Swan and Porter Music Hall Leeds
SWAN AND PORTER, “for your entertainment” perform songs including folk, 40s, 60s and Music Hall. They have entertained in centres for older people, adults with learning disabilities and earlier this year performed war time songs as part of a 40s day at Crawshaw School in Pudsey.


OFF BY HEART BANNER - in progress

JAN has links with YAMSEN a registered charity, which hosts activities at the West Park Centre Leeds, for people with special needs. She has organised events for Yamsen including a Spring Fling and MRS PORTER'S MUSIC HALL AND CONCERT PARTY. Jan has also run art groups including banner making for the Off By Heart choir.

ART GROUP working on banner

JAN PORTER has achieved an M.A. in Writing for Performance at Huddersfield University and holds a B.A. Honours Degree in Contemporary Performance Practices from Leeds Metropolitan University. She is also an Associate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (A.L.A.M).

Jan performs songs in a variety of styles, including music hall and comedy both solo and with her partner Nigel Swan.

A variety of their music hall songs are included on their CD "OH MRS PORTER!" Music Hall Delights.